Can White Oak Bayou shed its concrete? Study looks at possibilities (Houston Chronicle)

Concrete has fallen apart on the White Oak Bayou near Ella Blvd, photographed on  Monday, July 11, 2016, in Houston.  The Flood Control district is in the early stages of studying a potential project on the White Oak Bayou that would alter or remove the concrete lining and possibly install trails, additional waterways and other recreation. Part of the reason they are doing this is because the concrete on the White Oak is costly to repair, and a potential renovation could improve flood control and save money. Photo: Elizabeth Conley, Houston Chronicle / © 2016 Houston Chronicle

Photo Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

By Mihir Zaveri

When Bob Lee looks out at the White Oak Bayou, he sees a waterway that could be so much more.

Lined by concrete surfaces to better channel floodwaters, the bayou northwest of downtown draws walkers and bikers to its walkways, but much of the corridor is hardly a scenic gathering place. In contrast, Houstonians flock to nearby Buffalo Bayou Park, where the waterway flows through a natural landscape of trees, plants and grasses.

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