Talk of Ashby tower and Houston’s lack of zoning keep rising (Houston Chronicle)

Developers for the Ashby high-rise have no development timetable for the project at 1717 Bissonnett, first made public almost nine years ago and has since survived community scrutiny and lawsuits. Photo: Michael Ciaglo, Staff / © 2016  Houston Chronicle

Photo Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

By Nancy Sarnoff and Erin Mulvaney

The Ashby high-rise and the high-profile protest it inspired have become a symbol, for better or worse, of Houston as the biggest American city without a formal zoning code.

Since the project was announced in 2007, it has influenced city policy, inspired similar battles and raised questions about the power of wealthy neighborhoods and as well as the lax land use laws in Houston. Yet the 1.6 acre plot of land at 1717 Bissonnet remains empty, almost a decade after the tower was first announced.

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