Stafford in works to rezone Texas Instruments Property (Fort Bend Star)

By Karen Daniels

The possible rezoning of the Texas Instruments property was placed on the April 16 City Council agenda by Stafford’s City Attorney, Art Pertile. There have been recent conversations with the “potential buyers” about the future of the redevelopment site, and according to Pertile, rezoning will help determine “how they utilize the property (so it) is in the best interest of the city.” He is concerned that of the 192 acres, if T.I. were to only sell the property for development along the front (US 59) and back (Murphy Rd.) portions, and not the middle, this “would not be beneficial to Stafford.” Mayor Scarcella said, “The middle part of the property, or the so-called ‘campus’ is where the chips are made and where the 6 acres of contaminated water is located.” Texas Instruments has said in the past that they are “committed to its clean-up efforts” and there has been “no indication that the sub-surface ground water contamination poses any health risks or concerns to the T.I. employees or the public.”

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