Do you know HAR’s Call For Action Participation Rate?


Here are the results from the NAR Call for Action on flood insurance reform.  Thanks to all who participated.  

Association.          avg. working email      CFA Participants       Participation Rate
TAR                              72,711                           6,113                         8.40726%
HAR                             21,221                           1,644                           7.75%

Congress has adjourned for the year. NAR’s fight to improve the implementation of changes in the National Flood Insurance Program will again be an important priority in 2014.

Here is an update on where things stand:
• The House has not taken a vote on the NAR-supported “Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act.”
• The Senate bill has not yet been taken up for consideration by the requisite committees.
• A different bill to delay implementation for one year was withdrawn due to various objections from conservative Republicans, who do not support any delay, and Democrats who support a more costly, but longer 4 year delay.

So let us rest, renew and recharge so that we are ready to start a new year of REALTOR® grassroots advocacy in 2014. When Congress is ready to act, we will be too.

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